Diadema is a full-service creative agency based in New York City. Committed to providing clients with matchless design, the company delivers consistent, exceptional work through dedicated, one-on-one personal attention.

Creative Director, Amanda Szeglowski, has 13 years of experience in arts marketing, PR and management in New York City. An artist since birth, she is adept at drawing, painting and cartooning, and is a classically trained dancer, calling upon these skills when creating in the digital world of design. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Amanda was a founding class dance graduate of Howard W. Blake High School of the Arts and a dance and business summa cum laude graduate of the University of South Florida. Growing up in "Cigar City" she has always had a passion for historical cigar art and ephemera. Amanda founded her own dance company in 2008, and currently serves as the marketing director for one of the foremost downtown theatre venues in Manhattan.

Diademas are very large figurado cigars with a pyramid shape, full strength and full flavor. The word "Diadema" means a crown or headband worn as a sign of sovereignty.
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